Core Fitness Training Course

  • 01 Oct, 2021
  • Glynis Nunn


One of the key areas that must be developed to a high level in all track and field athletes is that of a strong core.

A strong core will improve running speed, jumping height and throwing distance through a better coordination of power generation from legs up to the arms.

What is often challenging for the coach of beginner and intermediate athletes is what exercises are best suited to develop this attribute?

This course is designed to help you better understand the core, how it works and how to develop a strong torso that will maximise the strength and power development of your athletes. This course aims to achieve three key things:

  1. Allows you to accurately assess your athlete’s current core strength level
  2. Develop techniques and practices to improve your athlete’s level of core strength
  3. Provide you with a customised routine specifically for your athlete’s level of core strength

When you enrol for this course you will:

  1. Have access to self-paced video lessons and topics that will help educate you in developing your athlete’s core,
  2. Be able to download worksheets, and workbooks to support the video lessons in developing your athlete’s core,
  3. Have access to an online forum to ask questions and seek feedback,
  4. Receive your own core measurement device allowing you to manage and measure your athlete’s core development.


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What people say about the course…

Adrian is a highly experienced coach and not only did he provide great information about the development of the core, he was able to get across his concepts in an easy to understand style.

Suzi F.

There is no doubting your expertise on this subject. The production is very good and the material is easy to follow. The content was excellent, many people wouldn’t have a clue about the core and how to strengthen it. Explaining that the exercises everyone traditionally thought were the greatest core exercises did little to strengthen the core unless completed correctly with an already prepared core is very important.

Lee B.

As a nurse with >25 years experience, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the information and level of detail and explanation as to why you shouldn’t do certain core exercises early on. As a coach I will using my abdominal biofeedback unit on all my athletes to ensure that they are developing their core in the most appropriate way.

Corrina C.

I am finding your Introduction to Core (Online Method) so interesting. I have repeated theory a few times and I am still engaged. I really liked the short and sharp length of each video. I really enjoyed the quiz for each module. Module 1 quiz came as a shock as it was pretty hard and I needed to review and repeat quiz (ensuring I had a better understanding of the content). The 4 modules were a good consolidated length, definitely not too long. I liked the way that you lifted your energy in Module 4 when you were explaining/demonstrating each exercise. It felt like a proper class.

Jules W. 


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