Coach Insurance

All registered and accredited coaches are offered full and comprehensive insurance coverage with ATFCA membership.

Little Athletics coaches note that you are insured under your Centre’s insurance coverage if you are coaching at the Centre at the designated time set down.  You are covered comprehensively by the Little Athletics Insurance.

Should you wish to conduct coaching sessions at a different venue and time, you will need to have other insurance coverage.

If you have any queries in relation to Insurance please do not hesitate to contact the national office.  If we are unable to help you, we will contact the Insurance company directly and get a response for you.

View our Public Liability Policy

View our SCA Player Accident Lloyds Policy

ATFCA provides full and comprehensive insurance cover for its member coaches as follows:

Public Liability – $20 million for any one occurrence

Product Liability – $20 million for any one occurrence in the aggregate

Professional Indemnity – $5 million any one claim and in the aggregate (for the business of athletics only) (Note:  Coaches who engage in commercial non-athletics related fitness training activities such as with various football codes and running their own physical fitness businesses, our insurance does NOT cover these activities.)

This means that as long as the ATFCA member coach engages in coaching athletes, it does not matter whether the athlete is a member of a Little Athletics affiliated Centre/Club, a member of an Athletics Australia affiliated Club – or a member of an international (foreign) Association (for example New Zealand, or any of the Pacific Island Nations – or any other country for that matter) and visiting Australia and engages an ATFCA member coach, they are covered by the ATFCA insurance.  So for anyone to suggest that ATFCA members are not appropriately covered by insurance is misleading. Accordingly, coaches also having to register with AA is accordingly unnecessary – unless the coach is to be engaged by AA, a member Association, or an AA affiliated Club.