New Online Course by Adrian Faccioni

  • 25 Jun, 2021
  • Glynis Nunn

Please find information about a new online course available by well-renowned fitness and Strength and Conditioning coach Adrian Faccioni.

The course has been developed for coaches working with athletes to develop their “pillar of strength”. This is the area where a foundation supporting the driving forces of the arms and legs needs to develop. Strength and stability here will help to generate strength and symmetrical motion throughout the whole body and facilitate rhythm and relaxation.

Adrian has offered this course to ATFCA members for a reduced fee. If this is of interest to you, the Association would encourage you to take the opportunity to learn more. We would also acknowledge this course as part of the Professional development that all courses need to undergo in their coaching careers.


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One key physical attribute that is absolutely vital across all disciplines in Track and Field (T&F) is that of a strong and functional core!

It is easy to get somewhat confused as to the most correct core exercises to provide your athletes, often the exercises we think are the most appropriate end up being too advanced and will ultimately have a negative impact upon your athletes’ performance and health status over time.

This course is designed to assist you in better understanding the functions of the core and why you might choose a particular core exercise over another.

This course aims to achieve three key things:

  1. Assess your athletes’ current core strength levels
  2. Develop techniques and practices to improve your athletes’ level of core strength
  3. Provide you with a customised routine you can use with your athletes that are specifically designed for different levels of core strength

His course is designed for coaches who want to make a real difference to their athletes’ physical capacity to ensure that they maximise the gains acquired over the many months and years of training that they undertake.

When you enrol for this course you will:

  • Have access to self-paced video lessons and topics that educate and train you in developing the cores of your athletes,
  • Be able to download worksheets, and workbooks to support the video lessons in developing your athletes’ cores,
  • Have access to an online forum to ask questions and seek feedback,
  • Receive a measurement device allowing you to manage and measure your athletes’ core development.

Costs, Intakes and Access:

  • This course has a one-off payment of $299AUD but as a member of the ATFCA, you will receive a $50 discount upon provision of a promotional code (provided to you by the ATFCA).
  • As the course is based on several intakes across the year, we only accept participants for that limited time – so don’t delay in your enrolment,
  • When you purchase the course you will have access to it for 12 months from the time of your payment.

This course will provide you with the exercise science foundation required to make informed decisions over the most specific core exercises for your athletes.