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Welcome to the ATFCA Event Group Specific Course, and congratulations for continuing your coach education. We are truly excited to share the contents of this course with you. There are two elements to the Event Group Specific course – Theory and the event group areas. The theory element of the Event Group Specific Course needs to be completed before going onto the event areas. Once the theory element is completed you can then choose whichever event group you would like and compete as many of these as you wish.

Please note that if you are NOT a current member of ATFCA you will need to complete membership.  If you have also NOT completed the Foundation course first, you will need to do this as it is a prerequisite before commencing the Event Group Specific course.

In order to help you progress through the course as effectively as possible, the material is broken up into modules covering a number of topics. All modules are now available for you to start working through, in order. However, to progress onto the next module in the series, you will find some revision questions at the end of each module which are required to be completed. All you need to do is work your way through each module in turn.  At the end of the final theory module on Program Planning you will need to email to the national ATFCA office for marking.

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It is highly recommended, if you have not already done so, to download the Athletics3D app to compliment this course. Athletics3D features interactive 3D animations based off the performance of an elite athlete and takes you step by step through each event. Its use of interactive 3D allows each event to be viewed from any angle and in super slow motion.

Each event within Athletics3D is complimented with a series of in-depth technique tips. This course will refer to these tips with a graphic such as this:

Refer to Athletics3D when you see these as it will allow you to visualise what is being communicated. It will be of great benefit to you in understanding the technical aspects that need to be perfected so that the athlete can perform at their optimal level.

Athletics3D can be downloaded on the Apple Appstore or the Google Play store:

Athletics3d App Stores

The full course includes access to: 8 theory Modules of specific content, featuring written information and power-point presentations developed by leading coaches and professionals in their field.

There are numerous hours of guided learning content including further learning materials and resources.

Once you have satisfactorily completed the course you will be presented with a Certificate of Accreditation. As a member you already will also have insurance coverage to coach at school, Athletics Clubs or Little Athletics Centres.

The Australian Track and Field Coaches Association has expanded the website to offer other seminars on topics related to Track and Field and the national office is always available to answer any questions and offer a helping hand where necessary.

So now it is time to get started. It is all up to you now.

Start on each module and on completing that, move on to the next. We hope you enjoy the journey and it starts you off on a pathway that offers you knowledge and the experiences of the many you have been involved in putting this together. It is our pleasure to share in your coaching journey.

Please ensure that you are a member of ATFCA – membership is from 1st January to 31st December (calendar year).

If coaches do not have a copy of the Australian Track and Field Coaches Association Manual, which was written by leading Australian coaches for the Australian coaching environment, please contact the office for a copy as this will also offer information to help you through the course.  It will be offered to you for $20.00.

If you have any questions at all about anything in the education material, please do not hesitate to contact Glynis Nunn – at


  • Module 1 – Nutrition
  • Module 2 – Injury, Prevention and Rehabilitation
  • Module 3 – Sports Psychology
  • Module 4 – Managing Risk in the coaching environment
  • Module 5 – Applied Physiology
  • Module 6 – Training Methodology
  • Module 7 – Long Term Athlete Development
  • Module 8 – Planning and Organisation
  • Event Group Specific Course