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ATFCA Event Group Specific Course – Middle and Long Distance + Walks

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Welcome to the ATFCA Event Group Specific Course of Middle and Long Distance + Walks. By this time you have completed the theory elements of the course and are moving onto the practical areas. The ATFCA is wanting to ensure that this coaching course provides you with ongoing education you need to further both yourself and your athletes.

As it is an online course, we would like to partner you up with a mentor who will be able to provide you with expert guidance should you have any difficulty with understanding the various aspects of the events in the course.

Wherever possible we would love to partner you up with someone you might be able to personally visit and watch to help your understanding. If this is not possible due to your location, it is still a wonderful opportunity to link with a more educated coach who will be able to guide you further in your journey.

The National office will allocate a mentor coach to you on commencement of the course. If there are any problems with this, please do not hesitate to contact the office to advise.

There are 10 modules of the Middle and Long Distance + Walks Course:

  • Module 1 Middle and Long Distance (General)
  • Module 2 Training Program Planning
  • Module 3 Middle Distance
  • Module 4 Junior Athletes
  • Module 5 Female Athletes
  • Module 6 Mature Aged Athletes
  • Module 7 The Moroccan Training System
  • Module 8 800m and 1500m
  • Module 9 Steeplechase
  • Module 10 Racewalking
  • Module 11 Exam