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Job Vacancy – Guayaquil Sports Culture Guayaquil Sports Culture

  • 21 Sep, 2020
  • Glynis Nunn

Looking for a job change???   I received this by email and thought it was worth posting as you never know.  

Details in relation to job. 

Federation Deportiva De El Oro Machala, seeking to hire a  coach who is expected to establish consistent and best practise coaching policies, individual and team development plans in addition to games plans; that give the club the greatest opportunity for success.

As the provincial sports club, we work with a vast network of public-private-and people sector partners to create access, opportunities and capabilities for individuals to live better through sports.

Your responsibilities:

Providing our members, the opportunity to develop skills essential to positive growth in the sports and to inspire each athletes to a lifelong enjoyment of the game.

This position is responsible for building and sustaining a quality, competitive program, which focuses on the development of athletes and supports the mission of the Club.

Develop athletes in the technical, tactical, physical, and psychological components of the game, you will also teach the importance of commitment, good sportsmanship, teamwork, respect for self and others, and an ability to learn from both winning and losing.

Expected Arrival Date: 30TH OCTOBER 2020. (This starting date can be negotiated) Contract duration:3 years


A full state benefits package which includes: paid sick and vacation leave; a generous medical, life and disability insurance package for employee and dependents; retirement; deferred compensation and optional supplemental retirement accounts.

1.Our club will enrol you in a Major Medical plan provided by AIA (American International Assurance)

2.The Club shall provide a full medical and full dental insurance for the Head Coach, wife and children.

3.The club will provide all travelling documents with flight ticket.

4.The club will provide a three-bedroom house, with a garden, filled with modern electronic and internet communication gadgets. Good enough for family of 3 or 4.

5.You are entitled to a regular annual paid leave of 30 days at rate of 2, 5 days each month.

6.A car and a driver will also be provided and an interpreter will be provided.

Economic Class Air fares from your country to Ecuador.

Salary & Compensations: USd$9,750 shall be paid Monthly. We also offer a solid benefit (including privileges and discounts on merchandise), a dynamic and fun environment and an opportunity to grow with the industry leader.


The following process is expected by you to understand and take before your arrival to the country to inspect our facility, discuss with management (for a shot interview) and sign the contract.


Application – The Ecuadorian sports federation request that you first register to obtain a Coaching authorization Labour clearance from the Assessment Authority for occupation and Contract and Social Security, to enable the issuance of your Coaching authorization clearance and Labour License.

REGISTRATION- In accordance to the rules and regulation of the Ecuadorian sports federation, coaches are responsible to pay for the registration fees.

Please, note that clubs are not permitted by Ecuadorian sports federation to pay for the registration fee of coaches. But this management has the policy of refunding our coaches the registration fee they have paid to the Ecuadorian sports federation on arrival to the country.

All coaching authorization clearance documents must be approved and sent to you before your arrival to the country.

Upon the confirmation by the Ecuadorian sports federation of your completing the registration process, flight ticket will be sent to you immediately by the management of this club for your visit.

The management will be responsible in obtaining visa and  working permit for the three years duration of the contract, once you have signed the contract.  After discussing with the management, you will be allowed to go back to your country and prepare for actual resumption date, as agreed during the interview and signing of the contract.

All applications, the submission of CV/Resume and enquiries can be made in confidence to the recruitment committee office with this Email address:

You are advised to direct your application and inquiries only to the email address and the phone number of the recruitment committee as stated.